How To Get A Working Holiday Visa In Canada

Canada Working Holiday Visa

International Experience Class Canada: Learn if you qualify for the Canada Working Holiday VISA

If you are interested in a working holiday in Canada, find out if the International experience Class (IEC) Working Holiday Visa is what you need.


The Canadian IEC Working Holiday Visa is a program that welcomes young professionals from around the globe for a paid work holiday. It gives foreign youth the opportunity to experience life in Canada while working and building a career.

This Working Holiday program is only available to citizens of countries (over 30 countries) that have consensual youth mobility agreement with Canada. It features three different categories, all of which offer a temporary work permit for a period of 12 to 24 months.

IEC Working Holiday VISA Programs

The IEC Working Holiday Visa program has different categories for applicants to choose from. With the exception of France which has four available categories, every other country has between one to three categories available to applicants.


The Working Holiday category

​This is for young and vibrant individuals with the desire to visit Canada for a temporary vacation and tour. If you’d love to see every part of Canada on your visit, and experience living in the country while working for different employers, then this is the ideal program for you. With the Working Holiday VISA comes an Open Work Permit which is valid for either 12 or 24 months, depending on your country.


The Young Professionals category

This category is for foreign young professionals who wish to build their career by gaining professional work experience in Canada. To be considered eligible for a visa in this category, you must already have a job offer and a signed employment offer letter from a Canadian employer. This Visa comes with an Employer-specific Work Permit which is valid for the duration of your stay.


The International Co-op Internship category

The International Co-op internship is open to only post-secondary students. Applicants must already have a Canadian internship offer which they need to complete as part of their academic curriculum. This visa also comes with an Employer-specific Work Permit and is valid for 6 to 24 months, depending on your country.


How To Apply For IEC Working Holiday VISA in Canada

Find out your eligibility

To be eligible for the IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada, your description should check all the boxes below:

  • You are a citizen of one of the 35 countries in a “bilateral youth mobility agreement” with Canada.
  • You are between 18-35 years (30 for some countries).
  • You have a passport that will remain valid for the duration of your stay in Canada.
  • You have no less than CAD$2,500 (or its equivalent) on arrival to over all the initial expenses.
  • You have health insurance for the full duration of your stay in Canada.
  • You have a round-trip ticket or sufficient funds to purchase one.
  • You are not accompanied by dependents.


If you are a citizen of one of the countries listed below and within the listed age range, consider yourself eligible for the IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada.

Countries Age Countries Age Countries Age
Australia 18-30 Hong Kong 18-30 Portugal 18-35
Austria 18-30 Ireland 18-35 San Marino 18-35
Belgium 18-30 Italy 18-35 Slovakia 18-35
Chile 18-35 Japan 18-30 Slovenia 18-35
Costa Rica 18-35 Latvia 18-35 South Korea 18-30
Croatia 18-35 Lithuania 18-35 Spain 18-35
Czech Republic 18-35 Luxembourg 18-30 Sweden 18-30
Denmark 18-35 Mexico 18-30 Switzerland 18-35
Estonia 18-35 Netherlands 18-30 Taiwan 18-35
France 18-35 New Zealand 18-35 Ukraine 18-35
Germany 18-35 Norway 18-35 United Kingdom 18-30
Greece 18-35 Poland 18-35


Take The Eligibility Questionnaire

To confirm your eligibility for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa and start the application process, you’ll need to complete the eligibility questionnaire. This acts as an initial assessment of your IEC work permit qualification.

Create a profile to join the IEC pool

Upon completion of the eligibility questionnaire, if you’re qualified you’ll be given a personal reference code. Next, is to create an account. You’ll be asked to enter this code to create an account. Complete your IEC profile and select your preferred IEC category to join the pool.


Wait for an Invitation To Apply (ITA)

Now it’s time to wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The system randomly selects profiles and sends out application invites. The number of persons invited to apply depends on the number of applicants in each pool and how many spots are available for each country and category. Once you receive an ITA, you have 10 days to decline the invite or start the application for a Working Holiday Visa.

Apply for work permit

If you accept the ITA and start the application process, you will have 20 days to submit a work permit application with all the necessary fees paid. For the Working Holiday Visa, you will have to pay a participation fee of CAD$150 and CAD$100 for an Open Work Permit.

While the employer will have 20 days to pay CAD$230 for candidates in the Young Professionals and International Co-op internship categories. And you’ll also need to receive an Employment Offer letter from your employer so you can attach this to your application.

If you want more information and would like to speak to a professional for personal assistance, Viewpoint Immigration services can help you obtain a working holiday visa in Canada.

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